IBPC OSAKA Network Center

Bridging the World and Osaka

OSAKA International Business Promotion Center (IBPC Osaka) is a subsidiary of the Osaka City Government, established to promote trade, industry and business between Osaka and various parts of the world. By leveraging the overseas office of the Osaka City Government and the Business Partner City network, and working in close cooperation with Osaka's business society, we serve as a bridge to connect with Osaka-based SMEs having attractive cutting-edge technologies and services, thereby to assist you in developing markets and embarking on production and R&D activities in Japan.
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IBPC Osaka Investment Center

We are ready to support business newcomers

IBPC Osaka Investment Promotion Center was established to attract domestic and foreign investment to Osaka City as part of international economic promotion programs of the Osaka Municipal Government. The mission of the Center is to promote the city's advantages as a destination of investment through the global network such as the Business Partner City (BPC), as well as to offer extensive support services to potential incoming businesses; matchmaking with potential business partners in Osaka, information about investment incentives, temporary offices, and much more.
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