Organization Summary

Osaka Business Partner City Council (BPC Council) was established in March 1988 with an aim to promote the internationalization and revitalization of small and medium enterprises in Osaka by establishing an international multipurpose network of economic exchanges through "business partner cities" network in which mutual cities (local governments and economic organizations) take leadership to promote economic exchange at the private level and hence deepening mutual prosperity, mutual understanding and friendship exchange.
On April 2003, BPC Council has achieved functional integration with Osaka International Business Promotion Center and the secretariat is now located at the Osaka International Business Promotion Center International Affairs Department (IBPC Osaka)


  • ・Promotion of economic exchanges among various economic institutions and organizations and strengthening of collaboration of industrial activities
  • ・Hold roundtable conference in which representatives from all Business Partner Cities (BPCs) participate.
  • ・Promotion of trade and investment, joint venture and technical alliance, mainly for SMEs
  • ・Exchange information on economic, industrial and economic urban infrastructure

Current Partner City
(14 Cities)

Osaka / Hong Kong / Singapore/Bangkok / Kuala Lumpur / Manila / Jakarta / Seoul /
Shanghai / Ho Chi Minh City / Mumbai / Melbourne / Tianjin / Auckland

Structure Organization
(Organization Group)

Osaka City / Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry /
Japan External Trade Organization / Kansai Economic Federation /
Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau / Osaka Port Promotion Association /
Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center / Asia and Pacific Trade Center Co., Ltd. /
Osaka International Business Promotion Center